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Reading Minds and Converting Leads – Crystal Ball Not Included

Back in 2014, we analyzed the best landing page optimization tools on the market for the upcoming year in our 2015’s Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software blog post. While I may have missed the ‘these are my predictions for the new year’ sweet spot (AKA December 2016), I don’t think it’s too late to reopen the case and see if what dominated the market in 2015 still holds up today.


Instapage is a landing page optimization solution that makes building and A/B testing landing pages simple. The platform is designed to lower the cost of online customer acquisition by allowing marketers to easily build and optimize landing pages with “simple” in mind.

The 7 Key Steps to Landing Page Optimization

With 48% of marketers building a new landing page for every campaign and 68% of B2B marketing teams implementing landing pages for lead generation, it’s a bit of a surprise to see the conflicting strategies around landing page optimization. In researching the best practices for optimization, one will find the opinions of freelance consultants, Fortune 500 analysts and even landing page optimization experts — all with some of the same, but mostly different views.

5 Key Features of Landing Page Optimization Software

Your company’s landing pages can make a big impact on profits. Here are five key features of landing page optimization software you should look for in a solution.

2015’s Top 5 Landing Page Optimization Software

Whether you plan to build one landing page or dozens, select one of these top 5 landing page optimization solutions. With a top landing page optimization solution, you are sure to experience a higher conversion rate and hand pick the most responsive potential customers.

– Pluralis

Pluralis is a landing page optimization software solution that outsources page design to a group of professional designers. At the start, users can send a landing page to a Pluralis design group of 2,500+ members. Each designer then individually optimizes the landing page and runs it through multiple A/B testing iterations.


Unbounce is landing page creation and optimization software that enables users to build optimized landing pages geared towards conversion and designed to integrate with the user’s existing systems such as emal, marketing automation, analytics and CRM tools. The platform is equipped with optimization tools including lead generation tools, A/B testing and dynamic text capabilities.

Understanding Organic Traffic Without Keyword Data

Google is finally pulling the plug on the already-limited organic keyword referral data that can be collected through website analytics. Google first started limiting organic traffic keyword referral data in November of 2011 when referral data stopped including keyword data in instances when a user was logged into a Google platform (i.e. Gmail, YouTube, etc.).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics works with the user’s website to show how their customers interact with it. The program starts to work when a visitor reaches their site. It displays how each visitor arrived, what the visitor did, and how the visitor interacted with certain page elements.


SiteTuners is a full webpage optimization service that can rapidly increase the user’s ROI via double digit conversion lifts. If users need to redesign their pages, they can use the product to find small ways to improve their site, identify site flaws, and produce a blueprint for a site overhaul.