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WAPT Pro is application development and quality management software that works as a load and performance testing tool designed to work for any web site, from simple web services to customized ERP or CRM solutions. The platform enables users to create tests quickly and easily by recording the test in a browser, and facilitates thousands of virtual users to concurrently execute duplicated sessions against the user’s site.

Vornex TimeShiftX

TimeShiftX is application development and testing software that facilitates time shift testing processes by creating virtual dates and times into both thefuture and the past for all date- and time-sensitive functionalities. The platform allows users test multiple critical logic codes including year-end, daylight savings, leap years, billing cycles or policies, as well as employ instant time travel inside Active Directory and Kerberos without code changes, manual work or server isolation.

PropelPLM Propel Product Suite

The Propel Product Suite helps users create, change and collaborate on all product details and includes all standard PLM functionality including multi-tier Bill of Materials and cost management tools, requirements management, change management and product configuration. The suite’s cloud PLM software enables users to keep team members in sync with the latest product designs, marketing assets, pricing, and product issues throughout the entire product lifecycle.


CustomerSure is a quality management software solution that sends out surveys to gauge customers’ satisfaction levels with a product. Users start out by designing their own survey content and/or choosing questions drafted by customer satisfaction experts.

Lennox Hill isoTracker

isoTracker is a centralized cloud-based QMS software system that automates business processes that are critical for the maintenance of quality and environmental accreditations. The platform allows users to work with document control, complaints management, audit management, training, non-conformance reporting, CAPA management, escalation and reporting.

PQ Systems SQCpack

SQCpack is a quality management software solution that uses statistical analysis to enforce quality controls. The platform allows users to work with statistical processes right out of the box and adapt to changes as they continue to analyze goods, including directly integrating with meters and third party platforms to analyze their data and compare it against statistical averages.

– Quality Tracker

Quality Tracker is a quality management software solution that ensures consistent excellence levels in goods offered to customers. Users start off by creating assessments that rank a number of criteria on a scale. The program can then send these surveys out to customers, who can submit them online. Meanwhile, the system can track overall quality sentiments and identify areas where compliance can be improved. Users can log down each quality and production change in audit trails, and the product can generate a number of customizable reports. Lastly, Quality Tracker easily scales alongside company growth and comes with full email and chat support.

– Tuppas Quality Control Software

Tuppas Quality Control Software is a quality management software solution that is designed for companies in the manufacturing industry. The program primarily organizes all tasks that go into enforcing high quality standards. For instance, users can easily test products with RF devices, work with plants to gather and analyze data, compare product quality with federal standards and generate a variety of charts and reports. If there are any issues in quality, customers can easily send out complaints. Additionally, the system is fully customizable and can scale across entire enterprises.

QMS: Improving Efficiency and Ensuring Compliance

There are numerous tasks and processes associated with running a successful business. Maintaining these various aspects of business can be very difficult and time consuming. If your business operates within a highly regulated industry, manually ensuring compliance can often bog things down, limiting your business from running more efficiently.

Sparta Systems TrackWise

TrackWise is an enterprise quality management solution (EQMS) that offers flexibility and configurability to adapt to company-specific requirements and business processes. The solution can identify, monitor, measure, mitigate and report on quality issues in the manufacturing and supply chain, and supports quality management regulatory requirements.