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Rakuna Recruit

Rakuna Recruit is a campus recruiting solution designed to help recruiters handle stacks of paper resumes and manage candidate’s information amidst the constant travel between campus recruiting events. The platform enables recruiters to capture resumes and evaluate prospects instantly, quickly track their data on a dashboard, and manage recruiting events all in one place.

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Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is recruiting software that builds recruiting software solutions for small and growing executive search firms, headhunting firms and recruitment agencies. The platform provides companies with a single space for multiple functionalities, such as managing applicants and generating invoices,allows users to work together without juggling between email client, CRM and ATS, and provides visibility into which teammates are emailing to candidates and contacts, as well as allows users to assign different roles to teammates within an organization.

Oleeo ATS

Oleeo ATS is applicant tracking software that enables candidates to complete applications with social profiles, screen themselves based on skills, and to opt into talent networks in order to stay informed of any future opportunities. The platform builds filtered lists of the candidates best suited for any position the user’s company is hiring for, identifying which candidates hiring teams should contact first and/or fast track to the interviewing process.

Acendre Recruitment

Acendre Recruitment is recruitment software designed to assist HR management teams with sourcing, selecting and hiring new employees while working to lower talent acquisition costs. The platform is built with robust mobile capabilities, is configurable to match user- or company-specific hiring workflows, generates reports and analytics, and helps HR managers to create hiring short lists.

Talentnow Solutions RecruitX

RecruitX is recruiting software that provides users with basic ATS features including CRM, VRM, business analytics, and social media channel connections. The platform is equipped with a job management dashboard that lists all active jobs and provides users with visibility into the jobs pipeline, segregates candidates based on activity, and tracks all applicants as they move through the closure pipeline.

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Xobin Interact

Interact is AI powered talent management and recruitment software that provides users with an extensive library of interview questions on various technical skills. The platform is equipped with patent pending AI-based keystroke pattern recognition algorithm designed to help recruiters identify honest test takers, and is designed to track pupil movement and cursor movement in order to alert recruiters if any candidates attempt to cheat during testing processes.

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