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– realSociable

realSociable is a sales intelligence software solution that helps reps better understand open leads. For each prospect, the program scours the web and imports the prospect’s social media posts, events, news clips, interactions and more to create a comprehensive behavior profile.

MoNimbus mSocialEdge

mSocialEdge is a social channel intelligence and social monitoring app that enables users to connect with and to remain aware of all social channel activities and changes. The platform enables users to configure multiple social channels including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and is allows users to create ‘Agents’ designed to curate information based on the user’s interested and search parameters.

– KXEN Social Network Analysis

KXEN Social Network Analysis works across company social media channels to help users understand their customer base via visual data analytics graphs. The program takes a look at all social interaction between different followers and can identify key influencers, people who have multiple accounts and hidden professional relationships between followers.

– Shoutlet Enterprise Marketing

Shoutlet Enterprise Marketing helps companies drive real business value by fundamentally changing the way they engage with their customers.

Behind the Numbers: Social Share of Voice

Curious as to how you stack up to your competitors in the social media race? Everyone is. Sure you can see how many people have “liked” your Facebook page or retweeted your tweets, but what do those numbers really mean? To answer this question, your company must utilize the best social media monitoring tools and uncover your brand’s social share of voice.

– Unified Social Insights

Unified Social Insights takes all your social media data and displays it as visualized analytics. If you run social media marketing campaigns, the program can track each dollar spent and show you your ROI.

Netbase Pro

Netbase Pro is social listening and analytics software that enables users to incorporate real-time social insights into business strategies by monitoring 300+ million social conversation sources. The platform notifies users of changes in mention volume or sentiment, provides live insights on trending posts, image shares and post engagement, and enables users to analyze historical brand data in a centralized location.


Beevolve Social Media Monitoring and Analytics works across of the user’s social media pages and blogs in order to analyze and manage social conversations. The program’s dashboard provides users with charts and graphs on user sentiment, keyword mentions, and top sources of traffic.

Anexinet ListenLogic Platform

The ListenLogic Platform is omni-channel analytics software designed to assists users with improving customer experiences while ensuring compliance. The platform provides users with omni-channel analytics, social channel listening tools, and risk sensing and monitoring capabilities.

– uberVU Social Media Marketing Dashboard

uberVU is an insights-driven social media marketing dashboard where customers learn about their social space, observe key conversations, connect with customers, and report their success.