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Close is project and workforce management software that enables users to manage workloads and communicate with teams through a single interface. The platform tracks team activities, provides real-time visibility into which employees are working on which tasks and projects, and enables team leaders to add and assign tasks, projects, missions and tools.

Acendre Performance

Acendre Performance is performance management software that helps HR managers align employee performance with company goals and strategies. The platform provides HR teams with multiple workforce management tools including skills management, feedback and coaching, reporting and analytics, dynamic form generation and workflow management tools.

Accurate Background AccurateNow

AccurateNow is automated background check software designed to assist HR teams with hiring processes, and is built to run SSN traces, current county criminal searches, and national criminal database searches. The platform offers multiple plan add-on options for additional pricing, including education verification, employment verification, professional license verification, motor vehicle reports, federal criminal searches, and pre-adverse and adverse action letter distribution.

INX Software

INX Software is business intelligence and workforce management software comprised of fifteen modules designed to be used either in conjunction with each other or as standalone platform. The mobile-optimized software encompasses workforce logistics, safety, competence, compliance, health, obligations and environment management.

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Top Workforce Management Tools

A workforce management software solution has multiple core functions to help you organize your workforce and ensure that every department is balanced and performing their duties. To help distinguish what makes each platform unique, here are some of the top workforce management tools in the industry and what they have to offer.


uAttend is a time and attendance software solution that allows managers and administrators to oversee their workers’ schedules, attendance and accruals. Managers can set up overtime, lock out and vacation accrual policies, as well as review summary reports and payroll details.

– Confab

Confab is an employee feedback software solution that helps managers coach their employees using a variety of communication tools. Each week, managers can send out pre-written work questions to employees, which workers can review, answer and use to solicit feedback from their bosses.