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– Genesys Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center

Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center is a virtual call center software solution that uses interaction intelligence to elevate the customer experience. The program works across multiple communication channels and guides service reps through all customer interactions.

Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Genesys Customer Experience Platform is customer service software that works to increase profits, revenue and market share through enhanced customer journeys, growth and positive customer relationships. The platform allows users to orchestrate ideal customer journeys utilizing business rules and full context, and is designed to provide full visibility from the beginning of the customer journey all the way through to the end.

– Genesys Outbound Voice

Genesys Outbound Voice optimizes customer outreach, helping your business become more productive and cost-effective with tools that support multi-channel campaigns.

– Genesys Inbound IVR

Genesys Inbound IVR provides your business with voice software that will connect callers with the correct resource to enhance customer satisfaction.

– Genesys Social Engagement

Genesys Social Engagement helps businesses create an integrated approach to transform social media opportunities into actual business benefits.

– Genesys IVR

Genesys IVR provides your business with internet technology and voice self-service applications that decrease costs, halt customer frustration and improve the customer experience.