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– Genesys Inbound IVR Review

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Product runs on the cloud.

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Vendor is focused on working with large businesses and multi-national enterprises.

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About Genesys Inbound IVR

- Genesys Inbound IVR Genesys Inbound IVR provides your business with contact center software that will connect callers with the correct resource to enhance customer satisfaction. The platform enables your business to provide customer service contact through various channels: voice, SMS or e-mail. Genesys Inbound IVR manages all incoming circuit-switched and Voice over IP calls while providing all with the right information across all contact center infrastructure.

About the Company
Genesys is a leading provider of customer service and contact center software and services. Genesys serves customers in over 80 countries and directs more than 100 million interactions every day from the contact center to the back office, aiding businesses in delivering quick and simple service and a cross-channel customer experience.

Genesys Inbound IVR Key Features

  • Customer data sharing
  • Matches customer needs with resources
  • Personalized customer routing
  • Business Priority Routing
  • Virtual Contact Center
  • Centralized management
  • Screen Pop
  • Data-Driven Routing
  • Agent Profile
  • Skills Based Routing
  • Last Agent/Relationship Based Routing
  • Workforce Routing

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