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Google Forms

Google Forms is an online form software solution that can collect responses from people for a variety of situations. Users can customize their forms by choosing design themes and adding their own digital assets and questions. In addition, the program provides a collaborative workspace should users want to work together to build a single form.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics works with the user’s website to show how their customers interact with it. The program starts to work when a visitor reaches their site. It displays how each visitor arrived, what the visitor did, and how the visitor interacted with certain page elements.

Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment processing solution that can handle all of the user’s online and in-store transactions. After users upload money into their account, the program can send money to any email address and take care of all checkouts.

DoubleClick by Google

DoubleClick streamlines marketing campaign management across multiple search engines and helps drive up campaign ROI. For starters, this program provides complete campaign performance data visibility, which is backed by the guarantee that 99% of the data organizations see is correct.

Google Cloud BigQuery

BigQuery is a petabyte scale analytics data warehouse. The platform is serverless and thus requires no infrastructure nor database administrator. Users can use SQL and big data analysis software in the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Compute Engine

Compute Engine allows users to run large computer workloads on Google’s Linux virtual machines. There are a number of flexible options users can choose when using this service.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage allows users to access and manage data in the same Google storage systems that houses all of the company’s online products. This program removes the need for local data servers, firewalls, and daily backups because everything is hosted securely online.

– Google Wildfire Social Marketing Suite

Google Wildfire Social Marketing Suite allows customers to execute and manage their social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. It makes the creation and deployment of landing pages, ads and promotions as simple as choosing from pre-built templates. It adds a messaging component, able to send out communication to customers or assign messages to internal team members.