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Pegasystems Pega 7 Platform

The Pega 7 Platform is application development software that specializes in building BPM (business process management), case management, real-time decisioning and CRM (customer relationship management) applications. The platform provides businesses with a visual application builder with the opportunity to create omni-channel experiences for desktop, mobile, IRV, phone and social channels.

– Pegasystems Claims Management Software

Pegasystems Claims Management Software is a customer-focused claims management solution that automates a number of claims processes.

Pegasystems Pega CRM

Pega CRM provides users with recommendations for ideal actions in every step of the sales and service process. As a result, users can maximize the amount of revenue per interaction and drive customer satisfaction.

Pegasystems Pega Case Management

Pega Case Management helps users resolve customer problems with efficiency and consistency. To do this, the platform provides customer service agents with complete information displays, recommends agents to cases based on expertise, and adapts to case complications on the fly.

Pegasystems Pega BPM

Pega BPM uses business rules and analytics to generate business solutions and to drive the user’s company’s efficiency in end-to-end processes. The software automates complex work processes, adapts to customer and market trends and changes in real-time, and provides real-time progress and alerts for company initiatives.

Pegasystems Pega Customer Decision Hub

Pega Customer Decision Hub unifies business intelligence insights with real-time decision engines. The result of this is a centralized hub, where business intelligence and outcomes are fused with the various aspects of business operations. The hub includes self-learning models that suggest actions that allow for adaptive, real-time decision making.

About Chordiant Marketing Automation Software

Choridant’s software is used by companies around the world including: 21st Century Insurance, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, British Sky Broadcasting (BskyB), Covad Communications, Cox Communications, Nokia, Prudential, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Dutch Shell Group, Signal Iduna, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, and UPS.