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About Chordiant Marketing Automation Software

Chordiant Software, Inc., now a part of PegaSystems,  provides software applications to consumer companies worldwide. It offers software applications, business processes, tools, and services that enable businesses to integrate customer information and corporate systems to produce a view of customers across multiple customer channels.

Organizations in retail banking, card services, lending, insurance, telecommunications and many other industries rely on Chordiant to help them provide great customer experiences that increase customer loyalty and profitability.

Chordiant Marketing Software

The company’s product solution includes Chordiant Customer Experience Applications (Cx™), which consist of:

  • Chordiant Decision Management is a suite of active decision management software products that allow marketing professionals and management to make decisions during customer interactions and as part of marketing campaigns.
  • Chordiant Marketing automates the marketing processes required to plan, define, execute, and optimize marketing campaigns across multiple product lines and channels of communication in global business-to-consumer enterprises.
  • Chordiant Selling and Servicing provides role-based application interfaces that optimize real-time, process driven interactions between a company and its customers.
  • Chordiant Software’s solutions also include Chordiant Industry Solutions, a series of applications for retail financial services that automate industry specific business processes in retail banking and credit card servicing; and Chordiant Enterprise Platform that includes various software servers for managing a company’s business to consumer policies, processes, profiles and integration interfaces, and connections to legacy systems.

Chordiant Customers

Choridant’s software is used by companies around the world including: 21st Century Insurance, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, British Sky Broadcasting (BskyB), Covad Communications, Cox Communications, Nokia, Prudential, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Dutch Shell Group, Signal Iduna, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, and UPS.