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– Servora Accounting

Servora Accounting integrates with your company’s back-office processes to streamline your order-fulfillment processes.

– Servora Business Intelligence

Servora Business Intelligence uses real-time dashboards and reports to reveal insights about your business.

– Servora Website and Ecommerce

Servora Website and Ecommerce provides you with the tools to build and manage your webpages.

– Servora Content Management and Security

Servora Content Management and Security makes it easy to share and find your company files.

– Servora CRM

For your sales team, Servora CRM has the tools you need to manage and share information on leads, opportunities, and customers.

– Servora Customer Support

Servora Customer Support provides you with tools to answer customer inquiries quickly and help the customer in any way possible.

– Servora Employee Management

Servora Employee Management is employee tracking software that supervises workers’ daily activities and manages workers’ accounts. For example, you can set data access privileges, change file sharing rules, and initiate account resets for your workers. Additionally, this software logs employee activities and supports user grouping and profiles. Ultimately, this product will keep your workers concentrated on work and reduce wasted time on the job.

– Servora Inventory Management

Servora Inventory Management provides you with real-time inventory data and visibility by automatically updating your warehouse data alongside purchase orders and sales orders. This software supports multiple warehouse locations, inventory transfers, automatic alerts for low stock items.

– Servora Marketing Management

Servora Marketing Management lets you track your marketing campaigns and shows just how effective each one is. The software monitors campaign ROI, which can help you decide the next steps for each marketing effort.