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– Servora Customer Support Review

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Serova works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of wholesale, assembly, and ecommerce.

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Servora Customer Support

- Servora Customer Support Servora Customer Support provides you with tools to answer customer inquiries quickly and help the customer in any way possible. Using a web portal, customers can file cases online and track their case, order, and RMA statuses. From there, a case will be assigned to one of your customer service reps based on urgency level. The rep then can consult the program’s solutions database to quickly find the appropriate answer. This software additionally contains a knowledge base, an online portal for all that stores answers to commonly asked questions.

About Servora
Since 2004, Servora has been providing on-demand CRM and ERP solutions for businesses. Servora initially formed as a reaction to companies’ troubles with managing business workflows. The company uses a hybrid of business intelligence, technology, and operational services to meet their customers’ needs.

Servora Customer Support Features

  • Customer service case filing system
  • Customers can view their case, order, and RMA statuses and histories
  • Cases are automatically assigned to reps based on urgency
  • Software displays and tracks customer history data, making it easy for reps to help the customer
  • Solutions database support reps in case resolution
  • Online knowledge database portal holds answers to commonly asked questions and is accessible by everybody

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