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– Servora Inventory Management Review

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Serova works with small and medium-sized companies in the fields of wholesale, assembly, and ecommerce.

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Servora Inventory Management

- Servora Inventory Management Servora Inventory Management provides you with real-time inventory data and visibility by automatically updating your warehouse data alongside purchase orders and sales orders. This software supports multiple warehouse locations, inventory transfers, automatic alerts for low stock items. Servora Inventory Management uses serial numbers to track individual inventory parts and their histories.

About Servora
Since 2004, Servora has been providing on-demand CRM and ERP solutions for businesses. Servora initially formed as a reaction to companies’ troubles with managing business workflows. The company uses a hybrid of business intelligence, technology, and operational services to meet their customers’ needs.

Servora Inventory Management Features

  • Serialized inventory management system that supports multiple locations
  • Provides real-time, accurate data on your inventory
  • Automatically updates inventory when orders are processed
  • Additionally supports manual inventory adjustments
  • Tracks the history (work orders, purchase orders, etc) for each inventory item
  • Transfers products between different warehouse locations
  • Notification system for items low on stock
  • Can automatically submit purchase orders for low stock items


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