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10 Steps to Convert Your Prospects into Clients

The oldest adage in business is that it’s more expensive and time consuming to recruit new customers than it is to keep the old ones. So, if you can figure out how to keep your customers coming back for more, you’re in business. Here are ten things that you can do to foster customer loyalty.

  1. Know that product and price are short-term differentiators. Your true competitive advantage will arise only if you can best your competitors in the relationship stakes. Do what it takes to build and nurture relationships, you will be rewarded not only by loyal customers but also high-powered referrals that will get you a lot of business.
  2. Think like your customer. It will help you serve him better and increase your customer base as customers come to appreciate your service and trust your expertise.
  3. Be prepared to move from a customer relationship to managing a client relationship. Relationship building is the core of all your client-centric activities. It is an ongoing process that must be nurtured. The decision on moving from being a customer to a client lies with the buyer. As a seller you must do your best to make your buyers make their minds on this in your favor.
  4. Have clear client management goals. Your client management objectives should be in tune with your business objectives so that you can influence and shepherd your clients into making buying decisions that best serve your interests and fulfill their requirements as well.
  5. Project a positive image. A good image is a powerful motivator for first-time customers to give you another try. If a new customer has come to you through a referral, ensure that his first experience is a positive one and that it reinforces the good things that he has heard about you.
  6. Keep your customer interests uppermost in your mind. This does not in any way clash with point four. In fact, it is a necessity. As a buyer you have a business and moral obligation to inform your customer about what is best for them. This is the surest way to winning their confidence. Your first-time sale may be small but you’ve surely won a client and an enthusiastic referrer.
  7. A good product plus great service equals a satisfied customer who will come back. So, have your CRM objectives clear. Your CRM policies should manifest themselves across the value chain and not just the front end.
  8. Let the people at the front end wield power. Give your salespeople the confidence and the leeway to operate. Efficiency has its own place but buyers look forward to the human angle; warmth and empathy during and after a sale go a long way in turning customers into clients.
  9. Keep the staff happy and motivated. Only a motivated and cheerful staff will be willing to go that extra yard for building client relationships. Institute incentive programs for your staff.
  10.  Stay abreast of industry best practices in customer service and incorporate them in your business, improvise on them if necessary. Upgrade your CRM systems if you feel it is necessary.