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5 Tips to Negotiate the Best Accounting Software Deal

Finding the right accounting software for your businesses will help you streamline all the important accounting tasks within your company and help you reduce costly errors. After you find the right accounting software, you will need to negotiate with the sales rep in order to get the best accounting software deal.

Here are five tips to keep in mind as you negotiate for the best accounting software deal.

1. Do Your Homework

Accounting software vendors expect their customers to negotiate for the best accounting software deal. Try and talk to other companies that are using the solution you are looking into buying and ask them how much they paid for it. If you’re lucky they will give you the amount and you can use that as your starting point. Also look to see what is in the vendor’s standard contract and see if there are any extras you won’t need.

2. Request a Payment Plan

Ask the vendor if they offer payment plans. This way you won’t have to pay all of the software costs up front. If you are able to spread out your payments, the contact you will have with the vendor will be increased over the terms of payments.

3. Keep Looking for the Best Accounting Software Deal

Until the contract is signed on the dotted line, keep your options open and continue evaluating other accounting software packages. If your vendor believes there is a chance they could lose your business to a competitor. If you find a competitor that offers a similar product at a lower price, you can use this in your negotiations to get the best accounting software deal.

4. Free Isn’t Always Good

Just because an accounting software vendor offers you something for free, doesn’t necessarily mean you need it or that it will deliver any value for your organization. Instead of agreeing to the extra features, use this as a way to get the price down to a more affordable level.

5. Serve as a Reference for the Vendor

If you agree to be act as a reference for the vendor for their future sales, this could lead to a discount on the overall price of the accounting software. Make sure you talk to your legal team first though before making this agreement. Taking a few phone calls or participating in interviews could be worthwhile to get the best accounting software deal.

Keep these tips in mind as you search for the best accounting software deal. While price is an important factor in any purchase, make sure that you are getting the accounting software solution that will best help your business.