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5 Ways to Improve with Customer Service Software

Today, as companies find it harder to differentiate their products and services and customers demonstrate less brand loyalty than ever before, the ability to deliver superior support is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. Customer service software gives businesses the opportunity to transform their existing service processes into world-class service operations that increase client satisfaction and loyalty and create a solid competitive advantage.

Improve Service Delivery

Customer service software automates and streamlines service-related activities and tasks, so they can be executed more efficiently and effectively. Companies can dramatically improve critical delivery metrics such as average call handling times and first call resolution. Additionally, customer service software gives clients more options – allowing them to receive service in the most convenient manner, using the channel they most prefer.

Many customer service software solutions also provide features that enable comprehensive agent performance management. So, supervisors can ensure that all staff members have the skills and knowledge they need to effectively satisfy customer requests.

Identify and Resolve Problems

One small mistake in your support procedures, if not corrected quickly, can cost you a large chunk of market share and a significant amount of revenue. Customer service software provides powerful reporting and business intelligence capabilities, so service delivery levels can be continuously monitored and analyzed. This gives managers the intelligence they need to correct problems and fix process breakdowns long before they have a huge impact on customer retention.

Increase Revenues

In traditional customer service centers, agents were responsible for simply answering questions, providing basic information, or taking sales orders. But, as the expenses associated with maintaining call centers has sharply risen over the last decade, companies have searched for new ways to transform these cost centers into profit centers that have a direct impact on the bottom line.

With customer service software, businesses can empower agents to play an active role in sales and marketing initiatives. They can participate in up-selling and cross-selling programs, field responses to marketing campaigns, and other revenue-generating tasks.

Reduce Costs

Processes that are more efficient are also more cost-effective. Customer service software minimizes the amount of wasted time, money, and resources by enabling companies to better coordinate support activities across multiple teams and departments. Overlapping, redundant, and labor-intensive processes are eliminated, allowing staff to better focus on addressing issues as promptly as possible.

The self-service functions within today’s customer service software packages can also provide serious money-saving benefits. Industry research shows that a self-service transaction costs an average of $2.00, while an agent-assisted call can top $6.00.

Gather Customer Intelligence

Service interactions can serve as a source of important customer intelligence. This insight can not only be used to enhance service delivery, but to improve sales, marketing, and other client-facing processes across a company. Customer service software provides an in-depth look into customer perceptions, needs, and wants – helping companies better understand what drives their customers to spend money and stay loyal.