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7 Reasons Why Proactive Customer Care Makes a Difference

Proactive customer care makes a huge difference in the customer’s perception of your business. Reactive customer care and problem-solving abilities are useful and have their place in the scheme of customer satisfaction; however, a business stands to derive greater benefits if it has a trained staff that understands the significance of proactive customer care.

Customer service organizations can incorporate a proactive approach to their work by considering the philosophy of proactive customer care and implementing the corresponding techniques, processes and technology required.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Proactive customer service prevents issues from arising, thereby saving customers the hassle of contacting customer care when an issue occurs. It helps your business exceed customer expectations. This is of particular significance for those with an online presence since there may not be employees physically present to provide assistance. Detailed FAQs is an example of proactive online customer service.

Proactive Customer Care Reduces Operational Costs

A preemptive act in any situation invariably leads to significant savings of time and effort. For example, communication designed to keep customers informed about events such as changes in price structures, loyalty points, and holidays will prevent you from facing a barrage of queries later on.

Greater Efficiency

Once proactive customer service mechanisms are in place, your business will experience an increase in the efficiency of customer-facing staff as inquiries and problems are preempted and routine activities are reduced.

An Edge Over the Competition

Proactive customer care enables your business to offer your customers a substantially improved experience. It acts as a powerful differentiator for your business and can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Better Managed Call Centers

Call centers can substantially reduce their workloads by being proactive and leveraging communication channels such as emails, chat, and SMS. Customers calling into a contact center are already informed, and transactions routed through call centers can be executed swiftly at a reduced cost.

More Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

A proactive approach to customer service increases the number of chances that you have to up-sell and cross-sell products. Customer service agents can work with the marketing department to develop programs for targeting customers across segments.

Proactive Customer Care Improves Service

A proactive approach requires that you consistently measure your performance against performance metrics and subjective parameters like customer opinion. Doing so will enable you to improve on aspects of service which may not meet expectations.