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A New Era of Shopping Cart Software: Avactis

When ecommerce platforms first emerged in the era of the Internet, the ability to make a purchase online was a whole new approach to commerce. It offered companies like yours the ability to reach out to customers far outside of your geographical reach.

Now, shopping cart software offers so much more than simply the ability to capture online revenues. You and your company can drive a whole new retail presence that allows you to compete equally with companies of all sizes. One of the latest shopping cart software offerings to grab attention is that of Avactis. With an easy-to-use approach to shopping cart software, Avactis is changing the standard in the industry and putting more pressure on those who don’t quite make the grade. Those who stand to benefit the most are customers like you with ecommerce platforms, and those consumers to which you sell your wares.

Shopping Cart Software: Avactis’ Offering

The latest release from Avactis is designed especially for those users in the market who are not programmers and therefore need solutions that do not rely on the ability to read or write code. At the same time, companies like yours are facing significant expenses in terms of everything you need to have in place to launch your online store. Truly, shopping cart software is just the beginning of what you need to have in place. You also have to consider hosting services, designing a template, implementation, the creation of a unique website design and licensing fees. When all things are considered, an inexpensive shopping cart software platform becomes very expensive. Avactis set out to change all of that to help owners to easily launch, manage and change their online platform.

Shopping Cart Software Control

Avactis delivers control to you, the user, when it comes to templates, changes and management. The shopping cart software has a built-in visual CSS editor that allows you to easily change the backgrounds and block sizes, logos, font styles and more. The availability of a visual layout editor also enables you to leverage your shopping cart software to show or hide blocks and even change their locations. With such tools in place in your shopping cart software, you can easily save thousands of dollars as you can leverage the standard templates and still enjoy the maximum reach in the overall market. And, while this shopping cart software offers six template themes from which to work, Avactis has plans to expand its offering to deliver many more in the very near future.

Shopping Cart Software: Leveraging the Visuals

Visuals are important when you are developing your ecommerce site and shopping cart software from Avactis offers you a wide range of default features that still deliver a next-generation look and feel to your ecommerce site, without the next-generation costs involved. Other default features include inventory tracking, unlimited product images, customer file uploads, digital downloads, Google Analytics, powerful coupons and more. If you have visualized wanting something out of your shopping cart software, Avactis likely already has it covered.

In all, when searching for the right shopping cart software, you have a lot of different vendors and solutions to choose from; just be aware of the overall cost involved as your upfront cost and your total cost of implementation and launch could be two very different numbers.

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