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About Aplicor CRM

Since 1999, Aplicor has pioneered easy-to-use and feature rich CRM accessibility at a price point that continues to be the most aggressive in the industry.

When Aplicor first released its full-featured online CRM application, the concept of providing enterprise-level CRM on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of client/server systems was yet unproven. Since that time, the ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) theory has evolved into a billion dollar industry.

Today, Aplicor is a global software publisher of easy-to-use and subscription-based CRM solutions. The company’s software is favored by organizations who prefer to avoid high-dollar capital expenditures in favor of a pay-as-you-go subscription purchase that includes all software, IT, support staffing and equipment.

Aplicor Sales Force Automation Software

The Aplicor CRM product suite manages all customer facing processes and includes modules for marketing management, sales force automation and customer support. Sales force automation capabilities include:

Total Account and Contact Management – segment accounts into sales-defined categories, note related organizations, revenue metrics, headcount and like figures for multiple years so that trends can be understood, and much more.

Activity Management – organize historical correspondence and transactions, illustrate each account’s status, progress and advancement throughout the relationship, and manage account-specific task lists.

Opportunity Management – view opportunities in a structured, weighted or relative fashion so sales professionals can track critical opportunity information, group opportunities by sales cycle steps, and focus on the right opportunities, at the right time.

Competitor Library – educate your entire sales team with up to date and consistent competitor information.

Quota Management – quota goal setting, real-time quota progress and path to achievement visibility which allows both sales managers and sales professionals to know where they are at any given point, as well as project their sales activity.

Products Inventory – get sales-related item information into the hands of your sales force.

In addition to Aplicor’s deep SFA functionality, Aplicor Sales Force solution includes quick deployment, an extraordinary sales force adoption rate (actually used by salespeople and throughout the organization) and most of all – improved sales management, sales achievement and revenue growth.

The Aplicor Difference? While one-size-fits-all online CRM and ERP systems satisfy small business objectives, Aplicor delivers the feature sets, business process automation, business intelligence and flexibility required by middle market, high growth and enterprise organizations.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global research and development center in Malaysia and sales operating worldwide via its partner network.