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About Commence Small Business CRM

A Family of Award Winning CRM Software

Commence CRM solutions are designed to meet the most challenging requirements of today’s businesses. From rapidly deployable web based hosted solutions to fully integrated desktop applications, Commence helps organizations manage, coordinate and maximize every customer interaction. The company’s award winning software, twenty years of industry experience and proven track record of performance is what differentiates Commence from other CRM providers.

CRM-On Demand
An affordable easy to use solution offering a suite of fully integrated applications for account and contact management, marketing, sales automation and customer support. CRM On-Demand is a web based CRM solution delivered over the Internet at a fixed monthly fee and requires no hardware, software or IT infrastructure cost.

Desktop CRM
This powerful CRM solution is ideal for companies with unique business requirements. It provides a robust set of applications for contact and account management, sales, marketing and customer service and a set of easy to use tools that enable the customization and expansion of the applications.  Commence desktop CRM offers unmatched flexibility and performance.

Manufacturing & Distribution
This industry specific solution is tailored to the unique requirements of manufacturers and distributors and may be deployed on-premise or via the Internet.  A fully integrated suite of applications, covering account management, contact management, sales, quoting, marketing and customer service along with integration to accounting and ERP systems provide end users with a complete 360 degree view of vital customer information.

About Commence Corporation

Commence ® Corporation is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management solutions for small to mid-size businesses.  Since it’s founding in 1988, the company has been dedicated to manufacturing rapidly deployable, ease to use business software that can be tailored to meet unique business requirements.  Today, several thousand small to mid-size businesses in more than 30 different industry sectors rely on Commence as their partner for managing customer relationships.

Award Winning Software 
Commence has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and was the original developer of IBM Current, a desktop personal information manager and SuperSELL, IBM’s sales force automation solution for the middle market.  Compaq Computer and Lucent Technologies have also sold the company’s products under a private label agreement.

What differentiates Commence from other solution providers is a wide array of business software that may be deployed on premise or as a web based hosted service over the Internet.  This “Freedom of Choice” provides customers with the option to select a deployment option best suited to their business.

Commence, The Trusted Name in CRM
Becoming a leading provider of CRM solutions didn’t happen overnight. Award winning software, combined with twenty years of industry relationships and a continual dedication to technology leadership is what makes Commence the trusted name in CRM.