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About Convergys Call Center Software

Convergys enables companies to establish and support a relationship management strategy. Consumers want a better experience with less demand on their time; companies need to find new ways of growing revenue and reducing their costs. Convergys has the knowledge and capabilities to take this from concept to practice and to bridge the Consumer and Company imperatives.

By applying the right combination of talent, technology and insights to your business problems, we can enable you to drive greater value from customer interactions across multiple channels, geographies and generations. The underlying strengths that Convergys has to support relationship management practice is a portfolio of services, technology and operations that work in tandem to support self-service, agent assisted and proactive customer interactions.

We combine the power of intelligent contact center technologies, a global operating model, and a superior understanding of the consumer based upon analytics and rigorous program optimization tactics that results in a better experience for your customers and strategic advantage for our clients. Its our operational know-how and years of expertise that allows us to consult with our clients to create a customized solution to meet your needs.

Convergys Key Strengths

The Dynamic Decisioning and Customer Intelligence Solution enable you to add more personalization to each customer contact, as well as empowering your CSRs with real-time decision-making tools.

Convergys’ knowledgeable consultants work closely with your organization, applying unique customer data management processes to design a program utilizing real-time, rules-based software engine.

Convergys clients have incorporated these data management processes and personalized the customer experience to:

  • Reduce call handle times by up to 20%
  • Increase call containment rates by up to 20%
  • Improve loyalty and retention
  • Accelerate self-service adoption rates
  • Lower costs