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About Eloqua Lead Management

Founded in 1999, Eloqua lead management software provides the leading integrated demand generation platform for executing, automating and measuring highly effective B2B marketing programs. Unlike stand-alone email products, Eloqua’s Conversion Suite combines email, direct mail, chat, and website analytics to drive the entire marketing process from contact to close, while making prospect interest and intent visible at every step.

With market-leading technology backed by expert professional services, Eloqua automates best practices in demand generation for B2B marketers who need to produce a continuous flow of qualified leads for their sales force.

Today, with the ability to manage comprehensive multi-channel campaigns for some of the largest technology, financial and service organizations in the world, Eloqua is a leader in the market. Industry analysts and observers recognize that Eloqua’s integrated Demand Generation applications and marketing expertise are at the vanguard of a significant shift in how business marketing is managed, executed and measured.

In 2007 Eloqua was named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for Phenomenal Five Year Growth, and that same year the company won the Rising Star Award from CRM Magazine.

Eloqua Key Strengths

  • Eloqua’s lead nurturing and lead management solutions enable marketers to easily move disqualified leads to longer-term nurturing programs that continually cultivate buyer interest over time. These ‘drip marketing’ programs can consist of educational material, newsletters, whitepapers, case studies, invitations to events – any series of regular communication that keeps an organization’s company name top of mind among leads.
  • Eloqua Co-Dynamic Lead Scoring can notify the company’s sales team when these leads exhibit “ready to buy” behavior like website visits, form submittals or email opens and forwards.
  • Eloqua ensures that an organization has frictionless process for delivering hot leads before they cool. Eloqua has out-of-the-box functionality for integrating an organization’s call center into the lead management process as well, enabling companies to easily develop lead pick lists and scripts for their telesales team.
  • Eloqua provides the leading integrated demand generation platform for executing, automating and measuring highly effective B2B marketing programs. Backed by expert professional services, Eloqua Conversion Suite is the only on-demand solution that offers businesses a common marketing automation platform bridging the sales and marketing divide.
  • The Eloqua lead management solutions suite integrates direct marketing, interactive marketing, lead generation and sales force automation to turn customer acquisition into a measurable process, improve marketing effectiveness and accelerate the enterprise sales cycle.
  • Eloqua’s focus on generating value for its clients has resulted in explosive growth for the company. It has achieved three consecutive years of more than 100% revenue growth and has tripled its customer base in the last 2 years.