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About Entellium CRM Software

Entellium provides a complete suite of on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that combine power and functionality with affordability and usability to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

These solutions are designed to automate and accelerate the manual, routine activities that waste valuable time that could be spent selling to or servicing clients, so employees can focus their efforts on those tasks that directly impact revenues or satisfaction levels.

Founded in 2000, Entellium takes a unique approach to the design and development of its CRM offerings. The company has conducted over 50,000 hours of research in both behavior and usability to gain in-depth insight into how sales, marketing, and service teams operate.

This intelligence was used to develop one of the most simple, yet feature-rich on-demand CRM solutions available today. So, companies can overcome their user adoption challenges and effectively deploy a customer relationship management environment across their entire business.

Unlike other Web-based CRM solutions that automate only a portion of important customer-facing processes, Entellium proactively automates crucial workflows and procedures such as lead handling, report generation, collateral distribution and fulfillment, and client follow-up.

As a result, companies can dramatically increase capacity and improve productivity, enabling users to effectively coordinate and manage a greater number of leads, opportunities, and service issues than with any other hosted solution.

The Entellium suite of CRM products includes the eSalesForce sales force automation package (named 2006 product of the year in the small and midsized businesses category by, the eCustomerCenter customer service application, and eMobile, a “plug and play” add-on that creates a truly “virtual” customer relationship management environment. Marketing automation and business intelligence modules are also available.

The Entellium product line has been deployed by successful businesses in all industries, and has been praised by leading industry publications such as eWeek, NetworkComputing, and