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About Entellium Customer Service Software

Founded in 2000, Entellium’s suite of CRM solutions are designed specifically for small and mid-size companies (fewer than 1,000 employees) and divisions of large enterprises who want a solution that balances the everyday needs of sales and service representatives and the reporting requirements of management.

Entellium Customer Service Software

When it comes to delivering an exceptional customer experience, Entellium’s eCustomerCenter shines. eCustomerCenter is optimized to enhance the service techniques that enable you to keep your customers happier.

Entellium believes that every business, without fear of complexity or cost, should be able to deliver a world-class customer support experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

All the technology you need is included in eCustomerCenter – everything from workflow-powered queues, multi-channel support options, and alerts when you’re in danger of not meet your service level standards.

So what’s the Entellium eCustomerCenter difference?

You don’t need a FORTUNE 1000 sized-budget or IT department to deploy it. It’s ready to go for businesses of any size.

Entellium’s eCustomerCenter includes:

  • Activity Center – “One stop shop” for logging services activity including calls, incident updates, making notes, or sending emails.
  • Document Automator – Merge any document with information from your database and easily send letters, contracts, forms or brochures.
  • Incident Management – Setup unique customer care processes based on account type, service levels and more. Allow multiple people to work on parts of the same incident, while tracking all activity.
  • Personalized Support Pages – Match your customer self-service portal to your customer’s branding, for the ultimate in customer-centric support.


Entellium’s solutions are extremely customizable, allowing companies to support nearly any type of sales process, methodology or best practices from a central control panel which requires little training. As a result, the company’s CRM applications help sales and service representatives, managers and executives conduct everyday business in a highly efficient manner.

Entellium’s software has won several industry awards for innovation in usability. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global research and development center in Malaysia and sales operating worldwide via its partner network.