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About Entellium Sales Force Automation

Founded in 2000, Entellium’s suite of CRM solutions are designed specifically for small and mid-size companies (fewer than 1,000 employees) and divisions of large enterprises who want a solution that strikes the right balance between the everyday needs of sales and service representatives and the reporting requirements of management.

Entellium Sales Force Automation Software

Entellium spent over 43,000 hours into researching usage behavior in various sales force automation solutions. The outcome is Entellium eSalesForce, the first-ever web-based sales force automation solution built from the ‘bottom-up’ around the user.

What’s the difference?

Entellium eSalesForce automated many routine and tedious tasks that other leading Sales Force Automation providers still require users and managers to perform – and the company’s Predictive NavigationT minimizes tab and screen changes.

While easy to use, Entellium includes all the features you expect in a sales force automation package. Things like:

  • Activity Center – “One-stop shop” for logging sales activity.
  • Quota Planner – Track ALL your sales activities related to results.
  • Virtual Sales Coach – One-click access to your knowledge base.
  • Document Automator – Merge any document with information from your database.
  • Report Automator – Automate and distribute your reports at re-determined times.
  • Predictive Navigation – Navigate exactly where you want to go — without extra clicks!
  • Multiple Sales Process – Customize the sales process to match your customer’s style.
  • Leads Distribution – Say goodby to lost leads. Automated distribution gets every lead to the best suited sales rep.


Entellium’s solutions are extremely customizable, allowing companies to support nearly any type of sales process, methodology or best practices from a central control panel which requires little training. As a result, the company’s CRM applications help sales and service representatives, managers and executives conduct everyday business in a highly efficient manner.

Entellium’s software has won several industry awards for innovation in usability.

The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global research and development center in Malaysia and sales operating worldwide via its partner network.