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About EnterpriseWizard Customer Service Software

Winner of the Users Choice gold, best in class award for multi-channel e-service. Gold Award winners stand alone atop a competitive field and SupportWizard (now upgraded to EnterpriseWizard) is the top rated product for multi-channel e-service because it is the only product built on an adaptive technology core.

EnterpriseWizard applications include CRM, Sarbanes-Oxley and Government Regulation, Project and Time Management, Change Management, and other specialized systems. The company has attracted customers from industries with vastly different needs, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron, Merrill Lynch, and NEC.

Based on its predecessor product SupportWizard, EnterpriseWizard CRM is a top-rated, out-of-the-box solution for issue tracking, helpdesk, customer support, sales, email, and marketing automation. Organizations can get up and running quickly with its default templates, and easily extend the application for other functions through an intuitive browser-based interface. With full support for LDAP and webservices, powerful search and business rules engine, graphical workflow, reporting, escalation, granular permissions, and the ability to customize tables, fields, and look and feel, EnterpriseWizard can be deployed as a SaaS application or moved to an in-house server with just 6 mouse clicks.

EnterpriseWizard, Inc. offers complete professional services – implementation, customization, training, support, and server administration – for its products, on either an hourly basis or as part of a fixed price guaranteed turnkey package. It also partners with large and small companies, including international distributors, VARs, system implementors and consultants, and VSPs.

EnterpriseWizard Corporate Background

With headquarters in Silicon Valley and resellers worldwide, EnterpriseWizard, Inc. is the leading provider of powerful, affordable, and easily deployed 100% web-based business process automation (BPA) solutions for organizations of all sizes.