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About Epicor CRM Software

Mid-market companies around the world rely on Epicor customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to enhance their sales, marketing, and support operations and build a stronger, more loyal, and more profitable customer base.

With a combination of flexibility, ease-of-use, and advanced features, Epicor CRM enables staff in key customer-facing roles to perform their jobs more productively and respond to customer needs and preferences more rapidly.

Launched approximately 14 years ago, Epicor CRM solutions streamline and automate the collection, organization, handling, routing, and storage of mission-critical customer data. So, employees have immediate access to the activity histories, interaction logs, and other vital information they need to sell to and service clients more effectively.

Epicor CRM is also highly customizable, allowing companies to easily tailor the solution to work with their unique processes and workflows. It includes modules for:

  • Customer support. This award-winning application delivers end-to-end case management, so support teams can quickly resolve issues and improve profitability and forecasting by more accurately identifying and predicting their contributions to the bottom line.
  • Email marketing. With Epicor CRM, companies can improve the way they design and execute email marketing campaigns, and more closely track results and ROI.
  • Sales. This powerful sales force automation solution provides dynamic lead capture, activity monitoring, and more to enable sales staff to better target the right opportunities, accelerate sales cycles, and close more deals.
  • Self-service portal. Minimize support costs and increase customer convenience by making routine service-related information available to clients via the Web.
  • Web-based surveys. Improve client communication and gather valuable customer intelligence through these easy-to-use online surveys.

All Epicor CRM applications include pre-defined reports, so vital customer-related interactions and activities can be tracked and monitored by management. And, at the heart of Epicor CRM is a robust .NET-based platform that guarantees optimized system performance.