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About Genesys Call Center Software

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of the French voice and data communications company, Alcatel-Lucent SA, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories was founded in October 1990 to prove that companies could provide better service to their customers by bringing together computers and telecommunications. That insight made Genesys a pioneer in computer-telephony integration (CTI). It also established Genesys as one of the first companies to understand that technology integration could solve a pervasive business problem: poor customer service.

The company’s first product was a client-server architecture that tied together all the systems that had previously worked separately to offer customer service: the telephone system, company data repositories, and applications.

Through the years, Genesys engineered an entire suite of sophisticated solutions that give companies more insight into and control over their call center operations. In addition to computer-telephony integration and routing, Genesys provides call center managers a comprehensive view of agent activities and real-time reports that reveal which agents or agent groups are busy with incoming calls, how many agents are on revenue-generating calls, customer hold times, and more. The Genesys platform also supports all major switches, server hardware and operating systems for easy integration of existing and new third-party applications – even across multi-site call center operations.

Among the company’s many offerings is support for a virtual call center. Genesys allows you to integrate on an as-needed basis experts outside the center (who can solve customer issues) and back-office workers and remote agents (to increase coverage during peak times).

The Genesys SIP Server lets you efficiently integrate agents, branch employees and experts anytime, anywhere, regardless of their location or telephony infrastructure. Presence technology that shows the status, location and availability of this widely dispersed talent pool lets you use these resources most effectively.

Genesys Call Center Key Strengths

  • Genesys is the world’s number one contact center software solution company. The company provides a comprehensive and open product suite that allows organizations to tie any customer interaction and their resources together to better manage their contact center workforce, with reporting and analytic tools to help customers meet their business goals.
  • The Genesys call center product suite delivers exceptional contact center and customer service capabilities. It runs the call center systems of today and leads the way to the IP contact center of tomorrow.
  • Delivering a managed services call center solution as a flexible “pay-as-you-go/on-demand” solution provided to enterprises by a managed service provider (MSP),Genesys is the leading supplier of managed services call center software to MSPs. With a managed service call center solution, businesses requiring a call center can outsource the technology infrastructure while retaining control and security.
  • Genesys’ managed services call center solution allows enterprises to select only the pieces they need, get leading-edge call center functionality quickly without capital expense, and protect their investment over time.
  • Businesses and government organizations implement Genesys products with clear goals in mind. They want to end customer frustration, improve contact center efficiency, and even develop innovative practices that unite the contact center with back-office operations. These goals deliver clear benefits.
  • Genesys products improve customer service, reduce infrastructure and manpower costs, and exploit new revenue opportunities. Over the past 15 years, Genesys has helped thousands of organizations around the world improve their contact centers and achieve their business goals.