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About Goldmine CRM

Is Goldmine CRM Right for Your Business?

GoldMine CRM is a robust, award-winning customer relationship management application designed and developed by FrontRange Solutions.

GoldMine CRM helps small and mid-sized businesses, as well as distributed enterprises, enhance their mission-critical sales and marketing operations. As a result, they can reduce the time and cost associated with acquiring and retaining customers, while increasing loyalty and driving revenue growth.

GoldMine CRM provides extensive out-of-the-box capabilities for sales and marketing automation, and offers fast deployment, rapid return on investment, and low total cost of ownership. Its comprehensive suite of components and solutions include:

Standard Edition 
The standard GoldMine CRM package delivers robust sales force automation functionality to individual users, allowing them to better manage their prospects, clients, and deals.

Corporate Edition  
GoldMine CRM provides a broad range of features that enable companies to build stronger and more profitable relationships across every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Automated bi-directional synchronization capabilities improve collaboration by keeping sales team members and other mobile GoldMine CRM users connected at all times.

iGoldMine and iGoldMine Plus  
Any user, in any location, can access the GoldMine CRM application in real-time via a Web browser or a local area network (LAN).

GoldMine Integration Services 
Improve communication and coordinate email correspondence by seamlessly integrating the GoldMine CRM solution with Microsoft Outlook. Or, increase efficiency and improve scheduling capabilities by linking Microsoft Exchange Servers with GoldMine CRM Servers.

GoldMine plus Accounting
Obtain a complete, 360 degree view of customer activities and histories, complete with financial and accounting data, by combining the GoldMine CRM application with powerful, feature-rich accounting software.

GoldMine CRM has been widely recognized by industry and marketplace experts. It recently won the 2006 TMC Labs Innovation Award. And, VARBusiness placed Goldmine CRM on its list of the 45 best solutions for the mid-market.