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About inContact Call Center Software

UCN, Inc. began in 1997 as a reseller of telecommunication services. After a series of strategic acquisitions commencing in 2002, UCN emerged in 2004 with a new product approach that combines an innovative national voice over IP (VoIP) network with hosted, proprietary software applications for contact handling/contact management requirements. The company is changing the way mission critical applications are delivered and priced for the contact handling marketplace. Typically inContact applications are used by customer service, customer support, order entry, direct response, reservations, or most any department that is seeking a more effective set of tools to manage its inbound call or contact activity.

The inContact call center product suite delivers core features and functions on a per seat basis, with the ability to scale capacity up or down as business fluctuates. Because UCN owns the network and the applications that run within the network, UCN is able to service the market with price-acceptable solutions that improve rep productivity, customer service quality, and operational efficiency.

Today, the contact handling market space is a $28.7B (estimated US), fragmented market segment, served by multiple vendors offering prohibitively expensive on site hardware/software solutions that require significant up front investments to purchase and significant technical expertise to integrate and operate over the life of the equipment. While these on-site or customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions dramatically improve agent productivity, only a small segment (approximately 10%) of all US-based contact handling operations – typically those with 200 or more rep seats – can afford to implement these solutions. As a result, the middle 90% of this market is under-served and in need of an affordable path to productivity providing features and functions.

UCN has the right products and the right business model to be successful in the contact handling market right now. No other vendor has bundled a national IP network with productivity and quality enhancing application solutions under a market disruptive pricing model.

inContact Call Center Key Strengths

  • With no large upfront costs and no annual maintenance or upgrade costs, UCN is cost-effective and can easily fit into a company’s budget.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – UCN is able to grow with your company, whether you want to increase or decrease the number of call center seats from month to month, inContact is easily scalable to your business needs.
  • Quick installation processes – contact centers can be up and running in a day with no hardware to install or configure.
  • Multi Site Centers – provides the ability to connect multiple call centers instantly while also allowing agent management across multiple sites, eliminating the need for IT resources everywhere.
  • Safety & Security – enterprise-level safety and security at no additional cost and benefit from UCN’s top level IT resources.
  • Benefit from UCN’s IP Network, The UCN Intelligent Network is designed for redundancy and fallover to improve reliability while also providing superior quality.