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About Infor CRM

Is Infor CRM Right for You?

Infor CRM defines “closed loop” customer relationship management. Using continuous and consistent dialogue – via a number of inbound and outbound channels – to nurture lasting, profitable relationships, Infor CRM can help companies dramatically boost customer acquisition, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Infor CRM includes three separately-purchased modules that span several customer-facing functions, including:

With Infor CRM, marketing teams can better coordinate lead generating activities and related resources, tightly integrate initiatives across all communication mediums and vehicles, and gain valuable intelligence that can dramatically improve the success of campaigns and programs.

Key features include comprehensive profiling and segmentation, as well as budgeting, project/task management, workflow support, collateral management and version control, and OLAP and predictive analytics.

A combination of advanced capabilities for contact management and sales force automation, interactive prospecting and selling, custom product/offer configuration, and order collaboration give Infor CRM the power to streamline core selling activities such as proposals, pricing, and quote-to-order processes, and improve overall sales productivity.

As a result, reps can speed up sales cycles, increase deal values, and close more business.

Businesses can interact with existing customers in a more personalized and professional way with Infor CRM.

Its powerful functionality includes Web-based self-service, interactive scheduling and dispatching, field service management, and issue resolution management, to enable staff in a variety of support roles to be as helpful and responsive as possible.

With Infor CRM, companies can experience increased first-call resolution rates, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced service-related expenses. Comprehensive up-sell and cross-sell features also make it easy for service staff to turn inbound calls into bona fide sales opportunities.

Infor believes that for CRM to be effective, it must be flexible. Our customer interaction hub concept lets you combine solutions to drive a complete 360° customer view across all your channels, implement real-time decisioning to ensure you’re targeting the right offer to the right customer, at the right time; and transform your marketing creative and project management into a streamlined, efficient powerhouse. Integrated marketing resource management, marketing, sales, service, and lead management enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and profitability.