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About Intuit Accounting Software Solutions

With its origin dating back to 1983, Intuit has grown to be the pre-eminent small business and personal finance software developer, with its Quicken family of products.

Initially designed to simplify a common household dilemma: balancing the family checkbook, QuickBooks has established itself in little more than two decades, to be a market leader for Intuit, with revenue topping $2.6 billion.

Intuit is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and recognized as America’s most-admired software company and as well as one of the country’s best places to work.

Intuit Accounting Products

Intuit’s traditional flagship products – Quicken, QuickBooks, and TurboTax – are showcased as testament to the company’s commitment to revolutionize the way people manage their small businesses and personal finances. Intuit’s lineup of tax preparation products helps individuals and small business owners easily and accurately do their own taxes with confidence. And working with accountants, Intuit’s products have become a staple of American small business.

While the company is know for QuickBooks accounting software that makes accounting and business management tasks fast and easy for small businesses. They are doing the same for larger, growing businesses with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions – the most powerful QuickBooks product ever.

Enterprise Solutions has the power and flexibility to meet the unique needs of your business as it grows, for thousands less than other more complicated accounting software systems.

Intuit Accounting Software Key Strengths

  • Intuit’s Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions is a full-featured, end-to-end financial solution for the enterprise. The tool performs in-depth financial analysis, tracks inventory parts and BOMs, and controls user permissions for over 115 activities.
  • Currently, more than 25,000 businesses are using QuickBooks Enterprise as an alternative to their current business management systems. Revenue at Intuit is up 116 percent over 2006 as more companies recognize the power of the product.
  • The power of QuickBooks Enterprise is reflected in the latest upgrades, including a new powerful SQL database and faster multi-user performance. For companies looking for increased scalability.
  • The QuickBooks Enterprise tool lets you know where your business stands with 120 built-in reports, or you have access to the included ODBC driver to retrieve Enterprise Solutions data with OD BC-compliant applications such as Microsoft Excel or Access for even greater reporting capabilities.
  • Enterprise Solutions integrates with more than 400 QuickBooks-compatible business applications, including job costing, e-commerce, and customer management systems, to solve your unique needs. You can also work with one of over 100 software professionals in QuickBooks’ Developer Network to custom-design a solution to your exact specifications.
  • Best for multiple users, the company’s Enterprise Solutions Industry Editions are available in Contractor, Manufacturing and Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, and Retail editions.
  • Low cost of ownership. Enterprise Solutions starts at just $3,000 for a 5-user license and a one year membership to the Full Service Plan, which includes training, a support engineer dedicated to your company, 24×7 product support, automatic upgrades, reporting services and more. Other systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars more for the software licenses, implementation, training, and support.

Intuit Corporate Information

Intuit’s breakthrough products reach 22 million customers with nearly 5,000 employees in 13 states and four countries. Intuit has been named America’s most-admired software company for two consecutive years, topping Autodesk, Adobe Systems, and Microsoft.