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About Intuit QuickBase CRM

Is Intuit Quickbase CRM Right for You?

QuickBase is a robust workgroup management application designed to help businesses dramatically increase efficiency. Developed by Intuit, the makers of world-renowned user productivity software such as QuickBooks and Quicken, QuickBase can empower workgroups to better plan, collaborate, and operate.

With solutions for sales management, project management, marketing management, HR and back office management, process excellence, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance, and IT management, QuickBase provides companies with the tools they need to increase visibility, improve information sharing, boost productivity, minimize waste and redundancy, and ensure effective, error-free execution of crucial business workflows.

Intuit QuickBase is available in two editions. The Workgroup edition is designed for small businesses, or smaller groups within larger organizations that contain between 10 and 99 users. It includes advanced security mechanisms, a full range of customization capabilities, powerful information sharing and document management features, and comprehensive reporting functionality.

The QuickBase Corporate edition is designed for larger businesses with more than 100 users. It delivers all the features and functions of the Workgroup edition, but addresses broader needs with enterprise-scale security and integration, including a custom-branded Web site with unique URL, LDAP integration, and custom passwords.

All QuickBase solutions are flexible and scalable, so they can easily grow to meet expanding capacity needs. QuickBase also offers industry-specific applications for real estate, professional services, healthcare, and legal services. Additionally, fully-customized workgroups, for companies with truly unique needs, can be easily created and deployed in just a matter of hours.

QuickBase is a Web-based on-demand solution that guarantees simple, rapid implementation and ease of use in an affordably priced package. So, companies can get their new workgroup applications up and running quickly and cost-effectively. And, because QuickBase is designed to support the way end users work, customers typically experience higher than average user adoption rates.