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About Kana CRM

Is Kana CRM Right for You?

Kana is considered a world leader in the design and development of innovative software solutions that enhance multi-channel customer service operations.

With a diverse portfolio of applications that supports every service delivery vehicle – from email and chat to call centers and Web self-service – Kana provides companies with the tools they need to optimize core processes, minimize overhead, and achieve their service-related goals.

With Kana, companies can give their customers the freedom to obtain exceptional service, when and how they want it.  The Kana product suite includes the following components:

eMail and eService – With Kana solutions, companies can leverage robust email response management, Web collaboration, and secure messaging capabilities.

So, they can more effectively manage a high volume of emails and live chat sessions, while improving the productivity of service agents and enhancing the quality of each and every interaction.

Call Center – The Kana call center application includes powerful features for knowledge and service resolution management, to streamline and simplify the end-to-end activities involved in phone-based service.

Agents have immediate access to the tools and information they need to quickly and effectively answer questions and solve problems, the first time a customer calls.

Web Self-Service – Kana’s comprehensive self-service solutions include live collaboration and dynamic email escalation functionality, to empower customers to easily and conveniently serve themselves by performing routine inquiries and transactions via the Web.

Kana’s award winning applications are available for on-site implementation, or as Web-based, on-demand solutions.

They are currently in use at more than 600 organizations around the globe, including more than half of 100 largest companies in the world.  These customers have achieved tangible and significant return on investment, realizing double-digit increases in customer satisfaction, average reduction in call volumes of 20%, and an 80% decrease in service call costs.