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About Landslide Sales Force Automation

Anyone in sales knows this well: The last thing a salesperson needs is ‘automation’ and ‘force’ to do their jobs better. What they really need is an offering that is designed from the ground up with one purpose: to help salespeople close deals faster.

Traditional SFA/CRM tools were never designed to help salespeople close deals. Landslide sales force automation software was designed to help organize data and make it available to everyone in the company and to directly help salespeople navigate the selling cycle. In fact, in most cases, salespeople found that using Landslide sales force automation tools helped to enhance sales best practices and helped to effectively manage the entire sales cycle.

Sales Workstyle Management (SWM) is a Sales 2.0 approach which increases performance of salespeople by helping them adopt a proven selling process, have high impact conversations with prospects and provide a one-of-a-kind buying experience to their prospects.


  • Allows the entire sales organization to readily adhere to proven, uniform sales processes customized to meet their needs.
  • Lets you implement a three-tier sales process consisting of selling cycle phases, activities in each phase, and the selling tools to complete these activities.
  • Integrates sales & marketing by embedding marketing document directly into the sales process.
  • Provides a dedicated portal called iO Channel for continual communication with the prospect resulting in a more thorough understanding of the prospect’s needs and a higher likelihood of close.
  • Alerts salespeople whenever prospects access documents posted to their portal indicating their level of engagement.
  • Shows Account Executives what to do next and how in the selling process steps.
  • Provides sales management with ‘no-opinion’ forecasting based upon selling process and buyer activity, not salesperson opinions.
  • Provides sales management with a performance and activity dashboard.

About Landslide

Landslide sales force automation has a mission to help salespeople achieve their revenue targets and improve the buying experience of their prospects. The Landslide offering is designed to help consultative salespeople win more business. It includes web-based software and Landslide VIP Assistant service. Landslide VIP provides each salesperson using Landslide access to a live assistant who can perform administrative, sales support and data entry tasks on their behalf.

Most SFA tools are glorified contact, task and information managers that turn high powered salespeople into administrators. Landslide is purpose-built to help salespeople execute more effectively and to close more business.