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About Market2Lead Lead Management

Santa Clara-based Market2Lead is a privately held, leading provider of software-as-a-service B2B automated marketing products designed to accelerate demand and revenue growth. The company delivers on-demand marketing automation solutions to plan, automate and gain visibility into the closed loop campaign-to-cash metrics via powerful executive dashboards.

Supporting every size business from start-up to public companies, Market2Lead solutions deliver progressive insight into individuals, their needs, and their purchase intentions enabling marketers with a powerful and comprehensive, single source of marketing intelligence. Market2Lead solutions have powered over 50 million leads to date.

Founded in 2003, the company is led by a experienced team of technology, marketing, and sales professionals. Collectively they have held senior management and architect positions in corporations such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, InsWeb and Asera.

Market2Lead Key Strengths

  • Market2Lead is the leader in intelligence-centric marketing automation. Whether automating campaigns, scoring and profiling leads, building Microsites, or calculating precise ROI, Market2Lead delivers unprecedented power and insight.
  • No other on-demand marketing solution delivers the 360° analytical depth and insight to drive revenue and make strategic decisions. Marketing operations can harness a single, unquestionable source of marketing data that can never be challenged by sales or upper management.
  • The company’s highly configurable and powerful solution ranks leads and assesses their readiness to be passed along to the sales department. This creates a more efficient sales cycle, improves conversion rates, and delivers higher sales.
  • With the Market2Lead solution, organizations gain greater strategic insight into marketing through executive dashboards, increase marketing productivity with multi-stage marketing automation, more adaptive customer profiling, and better aligned sales and marketing results using one set of metrics.