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About OnContact Enterprise CRM

The Oncontact CRM software solution, using the latest Microsoft .NET platform, provides a customer relationship management (CRM) system for mid-market companies, housing all the critical business information an organization needs to develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

Oncontact Sales Force Automation Software

Oncontact’s easy to use CRM solution with a familiar Microsoft look and feel and convenient tab orientation ultimately empowers an organization to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers and prospects. CRM modules include:

Account Management
This powerful CRM software application contains a history of all interactions with customers and prospects on an individual or company-wide level. And, the interface of the CRM solution is completely customizable, which allows users to decide how they want to manage their customer and prospect relationships.

Also included in the CRM package, is marketing functionality complete with call center features to maximize your marketing dollars by allowing you to create, execute, manage and track successful campaigns that increase leads and generate sales.

Customer Service
The key to outstanding customer service is fast, accurate answers. Oncontact’s CRM solution makes outstanding customer service a reality by delivering a full-scale customer service and help desk management system that enables users to track customer service inquiries, incidents and problems.

Oncontact Software is a privately held company with a presence throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East. Oncontact Enteprise CRM Software has over 400 customers worldwide, including Prudential, Foremost Insurance and Carfax.