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About Oracle Marketing Automation Software

Oracle, the world leader in CRM, claims five million live end users and more than 100 million registered self-service users. The company offers four comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product lines that leverage enterprise data to drive profitable customer interactions. Oracle’s products cover the breadth of CRM functionality—from sales, marketing, and e-commerce, to customer service and analytics.

Oracle Marketing Software

Oracle’s mix of CRM solutions is a result of several acquisitions, including JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Siebel Systems. Each CRM solution has marketing automation capabilities.

Small and midsize business that are looking primarily for sales force automation combined with marketing capabilities often find that Oracle’s CRM On Demand software fits their needs.

CRM On Demand is hosted software that competes directly with CRM On Demand offers low-cost, hosted CRM solution with little or no up-front IT investment. With CRM On Demand, you can accelerate sales, improve marketing and deliver consistently top-notch customer service.

Benefits for Marketers

Siebel CRM On Demand Marketing lets you transform the way you market to your customers by arming you with an integrated solution that makes your marketing team work more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater accountability.

You’ll have key insights into your audience so you can create targeted and personalized campaigns that get results. Clear visibility into marketing initiatives lets you better allocate funds and create accurate forecasts. And Siebel CRM On Demand lets you track and manage leads, keeping your marketing team on message with future initiatives.

Oracle Corporate Background

Oracle Corporation was founded by Lawrence J. Ellison in 1977 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.