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About Saratoga Enterprise CRM

Saratoga Systems helped pioneer the CRM movement. Today, the company is a leader in CRM solutions that enable large, global enterprises to effectively manage interactions with their customers at every stage, from marketing and initial contact through the complex sales, service and support relationships that develop between successful companies and their happy customers.

Saratoga CRM Software for Enterprises

Saratoga Enteprise CRM System’s Apresta™ division is dedicated to the real-time delivery of CRM and other important enterprise information to mobile employees via advanced wireless solutions.

Together and separately, Saratoga enterprise CRM and Apresta provide advanced solutions that enable their customers to maximize employee productivity, increase operational efficiency, create new revenue opportunities, build and maintain satisfied customers, and build a strong, sustainable competitive advantage.

Hundreds of the world’s top companies have chosen Saratoga enterprise CRM for its ability to deploy quickly, to integrate smoothly with other enterprise systems, and to deliver significant business value with freedom and flexibility. (Mid-size companies on the way up also love Saratoga because it’s lean, scalable, and affordable to own and manage.)

Saratoga enterprise CRM is built upon a fundamentally unique architecture that lets the CRM adapt to your procedures and processes, not the other way around. You can change not merely screens and the presentation of data, but also the back-end database structures that define and empower more effective processes. What’s more, even major changes can be made without programming, and without involving your IT department.

Saratoga Systems Corporate Background

Saratoga Systems has its headquarters in Campbell, California. Saratoga Systems currently has 120,000 users worldwide and more than 800 corporate customers including BASF, Blue Cross of California, ING, Kodak, MetLife, Office Depot, T. Rowe Price, Tyco Healthcare, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and WellPoint.