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About Soffront Help Desk Software

Soffront was an early pioneer of CRM in 1993, with the release of its customer help desk and defect tracking solutions. For over a decade, Soffront CRM has evolved into a complete end-to-end CRM solution, providing sales, marketing, service and knowledge management with greater adaptability and customization than any other mid-market provider.

Customer & Employee Help Desk Solutions

Soffront offers an end-to-end CRM solution spanning sales, marketing and support. Within Soffront’s CRM solution is complete support for your help desk. With Soffront Customer Help desk software you are able to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce support costs and improve support staff productivity.Soffront also offers an employee helpdesk solution that manages and addresses employee IT support inquiries as well as manage – IT assets and non IT assets – through their entire lifecycle from acquisition to retirement.

Soffront Customer Help desk helps you manage customer support tickets from submission to resolution. You can configure the workflow to match your support process and work the ticket through that process. Dynamically generate action buttons guide support reps through the defined process. You can easily know where every ticket stands and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Customers are automatically notified when a ticket is closed, and are sent an electronic survey to measure customer satisfaction. Finally, built-in reports help you to measure your CSR productivity.

Soffront Employee Helpdesk manages employee support tickets from submission to resolution. Create tickets and assign them to IT help desk agents automatically. Define the support process you follow. Dynamically generate action buttons that guide support reps through the defined process. Know where every ticket stands in the resolution process and ensure no ticket slips through the cracks. With the integrated Soffront Asset Management, the relevant system/ environment information appears automatically, when the employee submits an issue. Generate work orders on the issues raised. Send an electronic survey to measure employee satisfaction, when a ticket is closed. Generate reports to measure employee productivity.

Web-based Help Desk Solutions

The Soffront solution is completely web-based (zero foot print web client), is built to adapt and can be deployed in days.

Soffront help desk software is a part of the comprehensive customer service solution, which includes self-service (Soffront Knowledge Management), online ticket submission (Soffront Tickets), email response (Soffront Email Response) and e-Call Center (Soffront Contact Center).

Key features of Soffront Customer Help desk include:

  • Zero foot-print web client.
  • Configurable workflow to match your support process.
  • Automatic assignment of tickets.
  • Account and contact information along with tickets.
  • Complete audit trail of tickets.
  • Plan activities and tasks.
  • Calendar view of multiple activities.
  • Automatic status change notifications.
  • Automatic surveys to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive reporting and querying (no IT support required).
  • Multiple project capability to support multiple support groups.
  • Multi-level group security and SSL support.
  • Built to adapt – adaptable to changing business processes.
  • Up and running in days.
  • Enforce business process rules.
  • Integrated CRM spanning sales, marketing and service functions.

Soffront Corporate Background

Soffront Software Inc. focuses on mid market companies seeking CRM solutions. With more than 2,500 customers worldwide, Soffront’s installed base includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized businesses, federal, state, and local governments.