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About SoftVu Marketing Automation Software

SoftVu’s marketing automation solutions and industry best practices help you add a much more personal touch to your business communications in this increasingly impersonal, web-based business world.

SoftVu Marketing Software

Enhance your customer experience through personalized, relevant, and timely marketing messages.

  • Build Relationships through humanized messaging that dynamically adds sender images, voice, video, contact information and other personalized content.
  • Deliver Your Right Messages, strategically—at exactly the optimum points across your sales cycle with SoftVu’s proprietary marketing communications platform.
  • Increase Contact Rates through real-time view reporting, message tracking, analytics and advanced business intelligence reporting that integrate with your CRM such as, to provide a full picture of the sales cycle.
  • Improve Business Decisions with analytics and reporting. Leverage campaign data to evaluate campaign performance and refine sales strategies.
  • Add a Face to the Name with innovative email marketing automation software.

SoftVu Corporate Background

SoftVu was founded in 1999 by Tim Donnelly.  Tim’s sales and marketing background allowed him to create solutions that helped companies grow top-line revenue and bottom-line results with one simple vision:  bring to life a company’s sales and marketing message, with rich media; and notify the sender of the message when his/her message was viewed.

In 2004, Tim began the process to hire an experienced management team led by Steve Garver, SoftVu’s current Chief Executive Officer, who was a former executive with a leading provider of healthcare software solutions; then the hiring of Tommy Hinton, SoftVu’s Chief Technology Officer in 2005; and rounding out the executive management team was the hiring of Jamie Oakes in July of 2006, the Company’s Vice President of Sales.

SoftVu has an experienced staff of associates with core competencies in database and application development, creative design and development, campaign management, and client services.

The Company is a limited liability company in the State of Kansas with financial backing from local angel investors and KTEC (Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation).

SoftVu has satellite sales offices in Southern California and Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Company has clients throughout the United States and Canada.