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About Talisma Customer Service Software

Talisma is a leading provider of Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions that enable businesses to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.

Customer Service Benefits

Talisma solutions improve customer satisfaction by integrating the power of email, phone, chat, VoIP, and Web self-service with a robust and mature CIM Web services platform, comprehensive analytics, and a system-wide knowledgebase.

Talisma’s technologies create an infrastructure that has proven to raise efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Talisma delivers measurable ROI and enhanced service in a fraction of the time and cost normally experienced with alternative vendors. Highly-skilled service experts deliver cost-effective outsourced hosting, rapid onsite deployments, professional services, and lower-cost customization.

Talisma Customer Service Software

Talisma’s product family includes:

  • Talisma Knowledgebase – Streamlines the entire documentation process for companies to share information with employees, customers, and partners. The flexible, self-learning knowledge base captures and presents current, relevant information to customers, in a Web self-service mode, and to agents through a flexible portal within the single screen agent interface. Benefits include the ability to reduce email volume by 80%, positive ROI in less than six months, reduce call volume by 15% in the first month of use, and increased search accuracy.
  • Talisma Email – Rapidly and intelligencly respond to customer email inquiries.
  • Talisma Chat – Provide live help, proactive assistance, and online support to Web site visitors.
  • Talisma Phone – Combine data from multiple systems and fully understand your customer’s history.
  • Talisma Voice – Deliver instant live customer service using proven Voice over Internet technology. VoIP
  • Talisma Campaign – create, manage, and track newsletters, surveys, alerts, notifications, and promotions. Ensure your customer communications are timely, accurate, targeted, and branded appropriately.
  • Talisma Answer – Enhance and accelerate your email responses.

Talisma Corporate Background

Incorporated in 1999, Talisma is based in Bellevue, Washington with offices located across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Since its incorporation, Talisma has obtained an impressive global customer base across a variety of industries, including call center, telecommunications, distribution, education, financial services, government, healthcare, high-tech, fitness, hospitality, travel, legal, eCommerce, manufacturing, media, retail, service and support, transportation, and utilities.

Talisma has received several awards, including the “2006 SSPA Recognized Innovator Award”, “CRM Magazine 2006 Service Leader Award for Web Self-Service”, and “Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine 2006 CRM Excellence Award.”’s software services are available through enterprise edition, professional edition, and team editions. also provides consulting and implementation services, and training.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. More than 501,000 subscribers at 24,800 companies worldwide depend on Salesforce to manage their customer relationships.’s software is used by companies of all sizes, in all industries, around the globe including: ADP, Corporate Express, Daiwa Securities, Expedia Corporate Travel, Dow Jones Newswires, and Nokia.