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About Telax Call Center Software

In 1999, Telax’s Hosted Call Center solution was developed by Mario Perez, and it delivers the most advanced and highly functional hosted call center solution out there, even more so than traditional call centers, which require much higher costs and hardware upfront. By leveraging carrier-grade technology to bring a user-friendly and customizable hosted call center solution to its customers, Telax is able to provide all the necessary modules a call center needs, including: universal ACD with voice, advanced IVR, fax, email, chat, recordings, reports, workforce management, screen pop integration, executive dashboards, disaster recovery, remote agents, and much more.

While Telax delivers a powerful hosted call center solution, that doesn’t mean their products are overly complicated. One of the company’s key tenants is to keep things as simple as possible, which means providing a solution that is user-friendly, easy to manage, and requires little training, which generally takes no longer than 20 minutes for agents and just under an hour for administrators.

For when things are not as simple as you might like, Telax prides itself on its superior customer service, which promises 24 x 7 x 365 support. Their team of dedicated call center specialists is always on hand to assist with any software issues, even down to such specifics as your call center configuration.

Telax’s Hosted Call Center solution is also highly customizable, so it can meet any call center’s needs, no matter what your configuration. Rather than settling for something that comes close to what you need, Telax helps you build the system that will ensure your call center runs at optimum efficiency. Despite this high level of customization, Telax’s pricing structure is a stable, flat-rate plan, so you’re paying the same subscription fee every time without any hidden or added charges.

Telax Hosted Call Center Key Strengths
Instead of just an automated IVR greeting, your customers are seemlessly routed to the agent who is best equipped to help them with their call. Telax’s IVR captures customer data and pushes it to your agents’ desktops as a screen pop-up. It also provides telebanking applications that have secure access to customer payment statuses and account balances.

Taking call routing to the next level, Telax Universal ACD not only takes agent prorities, skill sets, and idle times into consideration, but it also cuts down on caller wait time and improves first call resolution. In addition to voice, it can route chats, emails, callbacks, voicemails, and fax.

Telax’s Workforce Management solution assists with creating schedules, optimizing resources and employee breaks, keep track of agents, and more. The intuitive GUI interface also allows you to make last minute changes to schedules, so everyone is up-to-date all the time.

Reporting and call recording are two of the most important data gathering exercises of a call center, and Telax call center solutiona provides highly comprehensive business intelligence tools that give you real-time access to agent data, call resolution, recordings, and more.