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About Unica Marketing Automation Software

Unica Corporation is a leading global provider of Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) software.

Benefits for Marketers

Focused exclusively on the needs of marketers, Unica’s Affinium software delivers key EMM capabilities, including: web and customer analytics, demand generation, and marketing resource management. Affinium streamlines the entire marketing process for brand, relationship and internet marketing – from planning and budgeting to project management, execution and measurement.

As the most comprehensive EMM suite on the market, Affinium uniquely delivers a marketing system of record – a purpose-built solution through which marketers easily manage marketing information and assets, rapidly assemble campaign components, and report on performance. Unica’s EMM solution is to marketing what sales force automation is to sales organizations.

Unica Marketing Software

Affinium is available “on-demand” (hosted) or for in-house deployment. Affinium consist of four modules: Campaign, Model, Plan, and Leads.

  • Affinium Campaign allows marketing organizations to create, test, and execute customer interaction strategies in outbound and inbound touch points using a graphical user interface.
  • Affinium Model enables marketing organizations to automate the creation of predictive models; determines customer response propensities; recognizes customers at risk of attrition; identifies customer behaviors; analyzes customer attributes and preferences; discovers cross-selling opportunities; and forecasts customer value.
  • Affinium Plan provides marketing operations and resource management capabilities that help marketers to define, coordinate, monitor, and measure marketing program activities.
  • Affinium Leads enables marketers to manage the qualification, distribution, and maturation of leads from the sales and marketing organizations. In addition, the company provides implementation, training, consulting, maintenance, and technical support services.

Unica Customers

Unica counts more than 400 customers across five continents. The company’s EMM software is marketed primarily to marketing organizations in various industries, including financial services, publishing, retail, insurance, telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and travel and hospitality.

Founded in 1992, Unica is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.