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Accellos One Warehouse Now Available

Accellos One Warehouse recently announced the release of their new Version 6.3, the latest iteration of their highly successful warehouse management system.

Accellos One Warehouse is an end-to-end suite of products that aims at increasing the productivity, efficiency, and visibility of activities that take place in a company’s warehouse and distribution operations.

The product will integrate with leading ERP systems from publishers such as Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Infor. Accellos One Warehouse provides rapid ROI for companies with anywhere from two to seven hundred warehouse workers.

The new V6.3 release adds some significant new capabilities such as enhanced graphical handheld user experience and graphical handheld screen designer. It has a customizable handheld workflow, wave planning templates, allocation planning templates and enhanced staging functionality.

The product may be integrated with Accellos One Ship as a complete multi-carrier parcel/LTL shipping system as well.

Ross Elliott, the CTO of Accellos, says they focused on the user experience on the warehouse floor with this new version by enhancing its look, its usability and its adaptability. Elliott noted the new release puts significant control in customer’s hands to adapt the system to their unique needs and allows them to service their customers more effectively.

Accellos is a global provider of logistics, warehouse, third-party logistics, transportation and mobile fleet management software solutions. The company addresses the supply chain management and execution market.

Accellos further provides warehouse management systems for multiple environments, including transportation management software and in-field mobile resource management solutions.

The company’s powerful supply chain execution solutions are easy to customize and implement. They provide their customers with more innovation for less investment. The company is located in Colorado Springs, CO.