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Adapt Search Marketing Solutions

Adapt Technologies was founded in December 2004 and is venture-funded by Mohr, Davidow Ventures and Emergence Capital Partners.

The company offers practical, self-service campaign management solutions for all PPC marketers to more effectively manage their online marketing campaigns and improve results. The company’s self-service search engine campaign management software, SEM-in-a-Box, is offered as an online service for a low, flat monthly fee.

SEM-in-a-Box helps marketers optimize results by suggesting changes to paid search campaigns (or making changes for you) based on the goals you’ve set. You simply set your target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or cost-per-click (CPC) goal to start intelligently optimizing your campaign based on actual data. With SEM-in-a-Box, you can:

  • Adjust bids to improve your campaign CPA or CPC.
  • Discover or delete keywords based on their performance.
  • Allocate your budgets to where your money works the hardest.
  • Improve campaign structures if keywords work better with one ad.
  • Analyze Ad Text performance for results against your goals.

To ensure a smooth transition into SEM-in-a-Box, Adapt Technologies offers SEM consulting services. The company’s PPC experts will conduct a one-hour professional SEM consultation that includes:

  • An evaluation of PPC accounts for proper setup/structure.
  • Verification that conversion tracking is in place.
  • Help with preparing your AdWords account for automated updates.
  • Advice on setting up your first marketing Initiative for optimization.
  • A full walk-through of SEM-in-a-Box to empower you to manage your campaigns – saving you time and money!