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Agresso ERP Solutions

Agresso ( is a $480 million enterprise resource planning (ERP) company, listed in the Netherlands as Unit 4 Agresso (EURONEXT-U4AGR) and one of the top five providers of ERP solutions for professional services and public sector organizations. Agresso offers a uniquely integrated data/process/delivery architecture designed specifically for Businesses Living IN Change (BLINC ™).

Agresso is known as “The ERP Market’s Definition of Agility” as it allows an unlimited amount of ongoing, post-implementation changes without the typical external IT costs and intervention that nets billions of dollars in revenue to the market leaders. Over 2,750 companies and organizations in 100 countries deploy Agresso Business World for both operational support and strategic management.

The company’s role-based, Web Services and Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabled solutions include: Financial Management, Human Resources and Payroll, Procurement Management, Project Costing and Billing, Reporting and Analytics, Business Process Automation, Field Services and Asset Maintenance, and CRM.

Today, Agresso’s unique underpinning architecture, which offers a tightly-integrated data/process/ delivery model that moves in lockstep, is being enjoyed by thousands of BLINC™ organizations, with over 1,500,000 worldwide users. The company is focused on correcting the CxO’s longstanding and expensive “re-architecting is a must” assumptions promoted by the ERP leaders. Their lack of post-implementation agility is cutting deep into corporate margins. Agresso is ERP … with NO Expiration Date™.

Agresso Key Strengths

  • Agresso Business World gives organizations the ability to interactively blend your business and analysis model with the organization’s process model giving your people the information needed to increase the value of your service delivery process.
  • Agresso Business World provides the flexibility you need to create performance metrics reflecting the reality of your business and provides accuracy in showing how the organization is performing.
  • Post-Implementation Agility differentiates Agresso from its competitors, providing organizations the ability to adapt and grow without any limitations from your ERP Solution.
  • Agresso’s long shelf life saves businesses the cost and trouble associated with re-implementation or replacement of an existing ERP system.