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Aldon Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

Aldon has been in the market for nearly 30 years and specializes in ALM with a focus on change management, collaboration, and compliance, ensuring consistent processes is applied across all areas of IT. Aldon takes a user-centric approach to process management that spans key segments of ALM, integrates easily with third party tools, and has a highly integrated offering with its IT Governance and IT Services Management solutions.

Organizations that are looking to implement best practices, reduce the cost of regulatory compliance or simply make their IT organization more responsive are turning to Aldon. Aldon provides the infrastructure necessary to automate and enforce those desired business processes helping organizations deliver superior services, rapidly develop applications, and efficiently manage IT operations. Behind the scenes, Aldon helps organizations increase productivity, accelerate time-to-market, fully understand IT assets, and easily achieve compliance with regulatory standards.

What Aldon Lifecycle Management Solutions Can Do

Software Change Management
Its software change management solutions provide an automatic way to manage all stages of the application development lifecycle—from checkouts for development through testing to final deployment into production—all to help IT keep control and become compliant. Aldon solutions do this by capturing, tracking, and reporting on all changes in the software development lifecycle through defined workflows. Users will know who else is working on what project and where it lives. And if they operate in a diverse environment, Aldon provides flexibility for users to work with their existing tools.

Build Release Management
With Aldon’s build release management solutions, users get the advantages of automated lifecycle processes with any version control tool. Users are able to see, track, promote, and report on any changes made to your build packages and you get total control over all aspects of your build release management process including the ability to see the history of the build packages. Plus, Aldon automatically deploys and redeploys build packages out to the right deployment targets.

Managers like Aldon because they get the benefit of becoming compliant through the structured and reportable processes that Aldon provides. Developers like it because they can continue to use the version control tools that they prefer. By replacing a tedious manual process with an automated one, IT shops can reduce costs, ensure application integrity, gain efficiencies, and speed up software delivery times. So whatever your choice of version control applications, whether a third party or Aldon, you can successfully manage multiple applications and development teams, in single or multiple locations, all with one solution to meet regulatory IT compliance.

IT Services Change Management
With Aldon’s IT service management solutions, users are able to automatically inventory, track, and clearly view your services, network infrastructure, and assets across all of IT— no matter how complex. Starting with incident reports and user requests, Aldon collects and manages requests through a service desk and connects them to the appropriate IT operation to be resolved. The solution gives users the information about IT assets, so at any point in time, you can see what is going on —infrastructure objects, configuration items, and all their interdependencies—and what happens when you make a change to them. It provides users with the information they need for better service and support and an easy way to get to compliance.

Aldon Key Strengths

  • Ability to unify process across different groups and stages of development, regardless of environments or geographic locations.
  • Flexibility to adapt Aldon’s process management and workflow into customer’s existing IT infrastructure and help them meet compliance.
  • Delivering communication and collaboration features so that IT and business are working from same systems and requirements are not lost.
  • Powerful product features that include centralized inventory management, metadata registry, IT business process automation and management, single point of observation and control, and compliance reporting and IT analytics.
  • Strong understanding of the customer’s industry, IT environment, and pain points.