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Atlas Search Marketing Solutions

Atlas provides digital media technologies for agencies, advertisers and publishers. The company’s web-based search tools let you manage all your pay-per-click bids and listings in all the top tier search engines and shopping portal sites, all in one place. And the best part? Measurable results. You are able to increase website traffic and sales, reach new customers, reduce online marketing expenses and spend less time on tracking and administrative functions.

The company’s tools also help you track the results of all your online marketing programs so that you can see which banner ads, newsletters, emails, sponsorships, and affiliates are working for you.

With Bid Management, Atlas Search’s rules-based bidding module, you can achieve measurable results with less hands-on management. You choose from more than 20 patent-pending rules that can be applied at the keyword or group levels and can be combined in any way.

Campaign Optimization streamlines the bidding and management of designated groups of keywords through automatic analysis and optimization of potential ROI. As a result, you can quickly assess how changing your spend or visitor thresholds affects your expected sales, which enables you to easily forecast and meet performance targets for large and complex campaigns.

Reporting and Analytics provides insight into keyword performance and campaign effectiveness. Built-in reports enable you to make “apples-to-apples” comparisons of results from all your active search campaigns, keywords, and categories.

Atlas, is an operating unit of aQuantive, Inc. In August 2007, Microsoft acquired aQuantive.