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Authoria Talent Management Solutions

Authoria was founded in 1997 to leverage the Web’s capabilities for authoring employee-benefit plans and communicating personalized benefit information to employees. The company quickly became a leading provider in this emerging space, with enterprise customers including the U.S. Postal Service and Boeing, and four “Best of the Web” awards from Forbes Magazine. Authoria also won consistent industry recognition for delivering rich “content” (such as HR domain expertise and best practices) through user-friendly techniques including just-in-time, in-context coaching.

After rounding out its core benefit/policy communications products with complementary solutions (including summary plan design and total compensation statements), Authoria expanded its vision to include other strategic talent management functions.

In mid-2004, Authoria acquired AIM, a developer of applications for performance management, compensation, and succession planning. The company substantially enhanced AIM’s products, tightened the integration among them, and in October 2005 won the Performance and Compensation Shoot-Out at the HR Technology Conference.

Continuing to broaden its talent management scope, Authoria in mid-2005 acquired, a recruiting-software pioneer that had blazed trails in Candidate Relationship Management and private talent communities. Authoria Recruiting 2007, a significant upgrade to the recruiting solution with innovative Quality of Hire capabilities, was delivered in late 2006, along with a technical platform that unites all of Authoria’s applications, providing a common interface, shared data, and shared services.

Starting in early 2004, Authoria also embarked on a transition to the on-demand delivery model, which led to its becoming the #1 on-demand provider of talent-management applications, with over 4 million managers and employees served on-demand.

Today, Authoria is a leader in Integrated Talent Management solutions, and is widely recognized for its pre-eminence in: simplicity and effectiveness of user interfaces; seamless delivery of “content” (HR domain expertise and best practices); intuitive techniques and tools that engage the end-user, such as actionable organization charts, Email forms, in-context coaching, and wizards; and experience in solving the complex talent-management challenges of the world’s most demanding employers.

Authoria Key Strengths

  • Authoria solutions help managers manage their people every day, not just once or twice per year at performance review time. All relevant information about employees is easily accessible from a single place. Actionable organization charts, email forms, in-context coaching, and wizards simplify the manager’s job-making managers more successful.
  • Authoria solutions directly support manager’s efforts to achieve strategic business objectives, whether they be to grow revenues, enhance profitability or boost market share. The company’s solutions go beyond automating traditional HR processes by allowing managers to find and keep quality talent, develop future leaders, and align organizational efforts to key business initiatives.
  • Authoria customers benefit from the best practices the company has developed through the success of its 300+ customers, representing more than 4 million users via Software as a Service, and 14.4 million talent community members.
  • With over 10 years’ experience partnering with the world’s leading companies, Authoria brings together award-winning solutions with established expertise to help customers achieve their talent management vision.
  • In October 2005, Authoria beat three leading competitors at the HR Technology Conference Performance & Compensation Shootout. In addition, Authoria’s products have been awarded Top Product of the Year by Human Resource Executive magazine seven times, more than any vendor in the history of HR technology.